System Design

A bespoke system run on the web that can be accessed from anywhere provides multiple advantages for business owners.

We design, build and support online booking systems, membership management systems, directories and CRM contact databases.

Let us help design and architect the system you need. We can prototype when necessary and build and implement the exact solution for your business.

Sometimes you need to build a system that is specific to your business

With all of the systems that exist in the world, you would have thought that there would be an off-the-shelf solution to cover any requirement you might have. In some ways this is often true. If you can accept that an off-the-shelf solution provides you with maybe 80 or 90% of what you need and you can live without the other 10%, then that is most definitely going to be the cost-effective way to build and buy your system.

Specific Requirements
Once we start to discuss the requirements for a new system with clients, we often find that the missing 10 to 20% of functionality from the off the shelf solution is actually “very important” to the purpose of the system. This is the point at which it becomes necessary to consider building a fully bespoke system to cater for the precise requirements.

Systems Analysis
If it is established that a bespoke system is required, we can bring into play our in-house systems analysts and architects to design the system to satisfy what is needed. We have methods we use and tools available to help share these designs with you so that the solution can be shaped until it is agreed that the technical specification is correct.

Systems Build
At this point, we can build the system to the specification and deliver it to an agreed deadline and budget providing the requirements don’t change within the project. If the requirements do change, we will assess the impact on the project delivery date and costs and work with you to establish whether those changes should be done earlier or after delivery.

Project Management
For complex projects, we employ project management techniques to ensure the project runs smoothly and will work to a project plan and communicate with you frequently the progress and the issues to be addressed.

Helix offer experienced, professional and qualified web development to high standards. Please Contact us and arrange an initial consultation to discuss your new system requirements.

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