Search Engine Optimisation

Why is SEO important and valuable to a website?

SEO is essential to help ensure your web pages are being ranked effectively in the search engines to attract the right visitors to your website who are looking for what you are selling or telling. Most people know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. but what does it actually mean for your website.

In basic terms it means building your site in such a way that Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (and hundreds of other smaller search engines) can easily read your site. This then means that the search engines can point people to your site if they are looking for something that you can provide.

There are lots of different things that form a good SEO approach, and these can be separated into different areas:

On-page optimisation
Landing Pages
Off-page optimisation

On-page Optimisation

This is building or modifying your website content to make it more attractive to search engines for specific key words or key phrases. It entails having certain keywords and phrases in certain pages. Taking time to plan and consider your SEO approach in general will ensure that your on-page optimisation is applied in line with your overall SEO objectives. Any investment made to plan and execute this properly and in a disciplined manner will pay dividends. Checking page titles, page descriptions, header tags, page content, images and tags will ensure that your pages are optimised for maximum results. A methodical and disciplined approach combined with thorough testing and monitoring will help ensure your on-page optimisation is providing the best results you can possibly achieve.

Landing Pages

Landing pages should be highly optimised on your most specific products, services or information related keywords or key phrases.

Landing pages are very useful in terms of search engine visibility and provide more content to search engines and potentially enhance ranking on those keywords or key phrases. These page are like any other page on the website with rich content, images and relevant links.

Off-page Optimisation

This is linking to and being linked to by other websites that are of relevance to your website. You are aiming to have as many other websites linking to you on your chosen keywords or key phrases so that the search engines can see how relevant your website is to those keywords or key phrases.


Well written, grammatically correct, quality articles can be prepared which are relevant to your keywords and key phrases and submitted to article websites. There are some key guidelines that need to be followed and providing these are adhered to methodically and with a disciplined approach, articles can be used as an extremely effective part of any SEO initiative or campaign. Again the content of the articles needs to be relevant, good quality and planning and preparation in choosing subjects, key phrases, links and writing original content is essential in their ultimate success for your SEO.

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