Effective marketing of your website

Email Marketing

Prepare high quality emails and take the hassle out of the design and set-up for your business.  An email shot gives you an easy and simple way to talk to, share and inform your customers

We can design and set up the basic email template using your logo and branding, and all you'll have to do is focus on what to say!


  • Smart, stylish and clean email styles
  • Designed to give a simple clear message
  • Full support to help you make your emails successful
  • Responses that can be tracked and monitored
  • Direct link to your website products and services
  • Fast


  • Immediate communication
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to update
  • Professionally designed
  • Flexible and regular
  • Measurable performance
  • Generate quick responses
  • Opportunity to give valuable information
  • Can be focused to specific customer interest
  • Regular use keeps your mailing list healthy and up-to-date

How much will it cost?

  • A one-off design setup fee from £245 plus VAT (re-usable format for ongoing use)
  • Design edit fee per shot from £60 plus VAT (content and image changes)
  • Distribution costs – depend on size of mailing list

How long will it take?

  • 2 – 5 days set-up first e-shot
  • you supply text and images
  • you supply the mailing lists (.xls or .CSV format)

What happens next?

  • we design your email for you
  • we share the draft with you for checking
  • we make any final changes for you
  • you make final approval and payment
  • you tell us when you want to send
  • we carry out final checks and tests
  • and then ………… off it goes!

Within 24 hours, we send you a report with all the information for you to analyse how successful your newsletter has been and an update to your email mailing list.  

An email shot is a fast and economical way to reach your customers.  It can be used very effectively as part of your overall marketing campaign and provides an efficient and stylish way of reaching of getting your message out!.

For more details or to talk to us about your email shot requirements please call on 01732 897940 or Request a Free Quote

Brand and Logo Design

Alongside your website project we also offer design services; from a simple logo to visually represent your business to a complete branding exercise that incorporates everything you might need from logo and business cards through to advertising artwork, marketing material and shop signage. Yes, every single piece is important and works as part of the foundation which forms your corporate image or brand.

Our design team will spend some considerable time (which can be frustrating when all you want to do is get started!) to fully understand what you are trying to achieve at the beginning of the project and to help you work out what the steps are that will introduce your new corporate image or brand to the your market and customers.

Our aim is to ensure that we advise you on how to use the budget you have available wisely and to maximum effect and to share with you the benefit of our experience. That’s our job and what you are paying us for!

Having the right corporate image and brand is an essential foundation block for any business. Once that is in place everything works from there. From your business cards to your website design, to your customer orders and invoices, everything produced will carry your identity and remind your customers who they are dealing with and that you are business with an identity that they can trust.

The Helix design team will work with you to establish the key elements that you want to achieve with your business image and then provide some concepts to start the creative process. And… it’s not all about money and cost, although you always get what you pay for and cutting corners with the design is an expensive mistake in itself. That said, by finding out about the marketplace your business operates in and understanding the marketing objectives of your business enables the Helix design team to use the creative process to deliver the right solution and add the value to your business.

Investment in a well thought out, professional graphic design will position your business where it needs to be right from the start and we cannot over emphasise the long term value for your business.

Why not give us a call for an initial chat on 01732 897940 or Request a Free Quote. Chatting over your ideas is completely free and we are passionate about the benefits of good design!