About Helix

About Helix

In the years since Helix Websites was started up, the number of internet users in the developed world has trebled from 25% of the population to 75%. The online world has become as crucial as the physical world for doing business, socialising, and shopping, and at Helix we’re happy to be in the driving seat of online innovation and technology.

A New Business Venture

1999 may have been the height of the dot-com boom, but it was only the beginning for Helix. Starting out as a small business idea at a time when many companies had a surge of enthusiasm and capital for online commerce, but a lack of technology and experience to fulfil their potential, our tiny web design business slowly began to flourish.

Early Years

During the early years Helix was one of multiple online ventures we developed. An interior design business with an online shop selling luxury wallpapers and fabrics taught us the significance of having dependable suppliers, while an innovative gift giving initiative showed us the importance of effective marketing and of sticking to a simple business model. Alongside these ventures we continued to build Helix Websites, using methods that took advantage of technologies which were advanced for the time.

Turning Point

By 2008 it had become evident that Helix Websites was a business model that worked, and we combined our efforts to grow the business into a professional and reliable company. With a strong and balanced approach to project management, we developed our own style and approach to each new project that ensured website projects were delivered successfully and always on time and budget. Helix’s reputation as a creative, reliable and expert key service provider began to develop. A large intranet project for the NHS, managed by an intermediary, proved we had the necessary skills and experience, and gave us the confidence to work directly with larger companies, which is where we have since found our core strength.

How We Work

Collaboration with our clients has become our key asset and we’ve proved that in long term partnership with clients we can discover and deliver precisely the online solution that their business needs. Our combined expertise and experience gives us the ability to guide our clients, and although we take full responsibility for supporting systems, we aim to empower clients to take on the day to day running of the systems themselves. Functionality is our top priority and we create robust solutions that actually do the job they are designed for.

Our Speciality

We believe strongly in the open source philosophy which allows global collaborative development and testing by the top minds in the industry, without the licensing fees associated with other types of software. eCommerce has become our speciality and we have built up an impressive portfolio of online shops using the Magento eCommerce Platform, a flexible and scalable platform which can be tailored to suit individual clients. We have created a wide range of complex bespoke websites that are ultimately managed and run in-house by client businesses.